Make-up lessons

With the ever-growing beauty industry it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer volume of products on the market and we are all guilty of buying something which looks fabulous in the packaging, to only get it home and not know how to use it.

For some people we get used to creating an everyday look but feel lost when it calls for something special.

This is why Roberta offers the service of make-up lessons. From feedback from clients she has found that they often have a vast array of products they don’t use or the complete opposite.

Within your Make-up lesson Roberta will guide you through the basics of skin preparation, choosing the right foundation for skin type, complexion etc, right through to creating two different looks, day and night. Or perhaps you would love to re-create smoky eyes or prefect winged eyeliner or contouring; what ever your goal Roberta will tailor the lesson to your requirements.

These lessons are designed to enhance or develop your current make-up skills whilst learning new techniques, tips and tricks of the trade.

Roberta will work through the process, incorporating products you already own whilst recommending tools and make-up that you will feel confident using.

These classes can be offered on an individual basis or to small groups.